In my opinion If a painting requires pages of explanation for it to become coherent to the viewer, it has failed in its primary function to communicate through the visual language the artist’s intention.  Having said that I do believe work needs to be contextualized as none of us live in a vacuum

94cm X 84.5cm, Oil on canvas, 2011

This is a Painting I revisited after started it In 2010, having  considered it unfinished.  The seeds for the work was planted after the banking crash of 2008 and germinated over the following 18 months as the reports of mismanagement and the selfishness during  Celtic tiger era (Irish economic boom), led the country to the edge of Bankruptcy and social up he vial.

ImageThe painting depicts  a young woman (the personification of Ireland) lying in a disheveled manner , surrounded by scattered photos of ‘heavy-handed’ metaphorical reference e.g. the sun setting on the building boom in the top right hand corner  . All of this contrasts with the broken black and white Backdrop in which the prominent leaders and policy makers of the time are enjoying the party.

This is an expression of frustration and not an attack for we all  attended the party to some degree,(some more so than others) whether through our action/inaction at the ballot box or our economic opportunism the price is now being payed. So I made this painting to articulate my own feeling  as well as marking a very important event in Irish history.  Their is a blank white photo on the right hand side because this is only a fraction of the story and one must leave room for the next chapter, for live goes on.

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