In my Painting Atalanta’s prize a part of the Legacy Of Olympus series, I draw from the myth of Atalanta and  aspects of her legend. She would  grow up to be a famous huntress, but while an infant  was suckled by a she-bear after her father abandoned her in the wilds because he wanted only male children. She is perhaps most associated with the foot race involving the three golden apples. Having vowing never to marry unless her suitors could beat her in a race, she was out witted by a man named Hippomenes. He with the aid of Aphrodite’s three golden apples, managed to distract Atalanta by rolling these appealing object in her sight but off the race course, causing her to slow down and take detours in order to collect the apples. This allowed Hippomenes to win the race and win a wife precio de la viagra.

What appeals to me is Atalanta’s rejection of social norms and her independence, being a huntress and  an unwillingness to marry but ultimately, being gently manoeuvred into conforming  through the use of “fascinating” objects .

Below I have included some stages of my painting process, I usually prime the canvas with a warm greyish colour, then very, very lightly drawing the painting layout. Block in the principle area, then the surrounding areas, then add thin layer after layer of colour building up the definition.

Image   Image   Image  Image

In the LOO series, my primary focus is on the sublime Beauty (The wild countryside, the Nude and the Now).

In the wild and rugged terrain of mountain top where the gods plot and scheme,
amidst the valley and lakes jovial nymphs with heroes dream.
The Nude is the aspiration and elevated righteousness of our mythical heroes.
The Now is what we do, the absurdity of the ordinary. Ones and Zeroes

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