In we Trade Atoms the next in my Meditations on Perspective series, I looked at the roots (pun intended) of humanity as part of the biosphere.  Drawing on our personification of Nature as motherly I decided to use females and so painted six women ‘chillaxing’ on the leaves of a plant, Eating,  drinking and chatting.  They casually enjoy the Culture which is said to separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, perhaps  unaware that their artificial hierarchies are provided and supported by  their cold, harsh, delicate environment. Mother Nature may nurture us but she does not need us.

On a more positive note the title refers to all natures’ cycles such as rock, carbon, water and processes to cooking, digesting, photosynthesis and reproduction. Where atoms are move up, down, around and traded back and forth, allowing for the show to go on.  The Oxygen we breathe and the carbon dioxide we exhale which the Plant takes and remakes as oxygen again. Food transforms into flesh, and flesh into food. We (Homo sapiens) like my female figures are important but only a little piece of much larger biological picture.

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