Echo and the Narcissist is the first painting form a series called Legacy of Olympus. 

Legacy of Olympus

  • The central theme is sublime beauty (impressing the mind with a sense of grandeur or power; inspiring awe, veneration) matched against the everyday lived experience. The always important narrative in this series of paintings defers to the romantic sensibilities (emotion and imagination over reason)
  • I took the Greco-Roman myths and legends as my starting point which already has a strong linage in the Canon of fine art, and re-imaged aspects of them for today.
  • The wild countryside, the Nude and the Now are the principal tropes.  In the wild and rugged terrain of mountain tops, where  gods plot and scheme, amidst the valley and lakes jovial nymphs with heroes dream. The Nude is an aspiration and the elevated righteousness of our mythical heroes. The Now is what we do, the absurdity of the ordinary.

    45.5cm X 60.5cm, Oil On Canvas, 2013

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