“Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant”.
Mitchell Kapor


This Painting romantically symbolic in appearance plays with the abstract concept of Knowledge education and understanding. Not since Johan Gutenbergs invention of the printing press in the 15th century has there been a greatest explosion of readily available information.  Today a girl in a sub-Sahara African village with a smart phone has more information at her finger tips the Any United States president had up until the 1990’s.  Just image there is currently three hundred hours or twelve and Half day worth of video uploaded to YouTube each minute!
The sifting of this information for relevance and quality can give us Knowledge in guiding our lives. The pursuit of knowledge can help us understanding our place in the grand scheme of things, help inform us so we can have a well-lived, considered and fulfilling life. Not to drown under the weight of everyday data or be led unquestioning by pure animalistic instinct, but to look to the light of the knowledgeable in kindling and feeding the flame of our passion.

80cm X 64cm, Oil On Canvas, 2014

I have added two photo showing an eight stages of development of the painting as I worked on it

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