Here is a slightly different blog topic. Apologies if this is abstract and meandering, but a funny notion popped into my head about creativity and it process, namely what is it and how does it work? If things have no inherent value other than what is projected onto them by the observer, then what idea is worth pursing as opposed to being pure self indulgence?.. I don’t know….. i suppose you go with cultural flow in away that make one feel authentic, maybe. Usually it never a simple yes/no answer but a slide rule dependent on the  particular question and its context. Right, I think that’s enough amateur philosophical pondering for one post!

So what is the Picture above about, you may ask? well I’m glad you asked, it a photo of me in my studio on top of which i wrote and drew some arrows,  in an attempt to explain the “art cycle” or at least the process  of my paintings as i see it ( subject to revision at anytime) cuanto cuesta viagra. It’s something i had to jot down to see it clearly and get it out of my head, and because i’m a kind guy i decided to share it with you good people. Now is it of any Value, that is for you to decide?

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