“A symbol always stands for meaning more than its obvious and immediate meaning”                                                                                 Carl G. Jung

The is my most resonantly finished painting. It the second version of a commission I received, with instructions to create a relaxing work that includes  Angels, Peacocks and Fairies as allusions to the spiritual, real and imaginative aspects of the world. I used the religious tropes like walking on water, in this case calm water that flows through a breathless grove
In  the second version (PGv2) I tweaked very the over all layout slightly by turning the Fairy into an Angel, eliminating a Peacock, and moving the central Angel forward. This give the painting more balance and allows the eye easier access through the figures.

The purchase and use of new artist Quality paints, coupled with a desire to keep the palette lighter gives PGv2 a richer colour than its predecessor.

63cm X 59cm, Oil on canvas, 2013


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