Here are a couple of Commissions i’ve painted over the last few months, i put them together because they share some similarities. Both are coast scapes (if that’s a thing!) with two figures and two dog.

78.5cm X 60cm, Oil On Canvas, 2014

In this version of the Painting Daisies by the shore, (Right) we see two ladies sitting among the grasses of a Dunne, over their shoulders the Atlantic coast curves away in the distance. It’s a lovely summer’s day and they investigate the wildlife while a curious dog and fox watch on.
In the second painting it’s a dogs life, two dogs are painted running along the beach towards the viewer, while a happy couple are seen just behind them to the right. This work had the honour of doubling up as a birthday present and wedding gift, so congratulations on both fronts.

It's a Dog's Life, 2014 Oil on Board/canvasLandscapes in themselves hold little interest for me, but i really enjoy creating work with figures in beautiful nature setting, for me the heart of the matter must be the story/concept, then i can let my brush delight in dressing it up, in a coat of charming line and handsome colour. If that allows for natural setting, I would be a fool not to use Ireland’s moody but always sublime wet and wild, western countryside.

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